Sterling Silver Tab Key
Sterling Silver Tab Key
Sterling Silver Tab Key
Sterling Silver Tab Key
Arnaud Eubelen

Sterling Silver Tab Key

Ag 925, 2.7 x 1.7 x 0.4 cm, 9.28 g

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THE Object

This edition is a silver rectangle, a small mirror, and a reflector.
It reflects everything it can, including shapes and colours. Inspired by the recognisable shape of a single key belonging to a black computer keyboard, the square suddenly becomes an explosion of light and colour. A multicoloured, raw and changing minimalism. Tab, tabulation, tabulate. Tabula rasa.


Arnaud Eubelen works on the border between sculpture and design. Known for his disregard for conventions, he creates a body of work that belongs to the world of design, constructed from industrial leftovers.
By diverting materials from their original uses, he crafts unique objects whose peculiar character oscillates between the aesthetics of art and those of luxury products.


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