Sterling Silver Nail
Sterling Silver Nail
Sterling Silver Nail
Sterling Silver Nail
Patrick Carpentier

Sterling Silver Nail

Ag 925. 2.8 x 0.4 cm, 0.8 g

Edition of 100, numbered and signed

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THE Object

'Untitled (silver)' was created in Brussels in 2018 with the participation of Herman Daled, a Belgian collector of conceptual art, whose collection is now part of the collections of MoMA, New York.

Daled was known for not having any art hanging on the walls of his house, preferring to hang the work only long enough to look at it. The only thing to be seen on his walls was a multitude of nails.

Patrick Carpentier came up with the idea of creating a silver edition from one of these nails. Herman was a radiologist and in the photographic process it is silver that forms the negative image. Everything was there. Daled was very amused by this and the nail was produced immediately.


Writing is always the starting point for Patrick Carpentier.
It is writing that brings to the fore a message of absence. Whether in his films, installations, sculptures, or performances, he constructs a simple narrative centred on the observation of language through antinomies. It is by observing the unspoken that he questions speech, a silence seen as a counter-speech, a counter-sign, which itself becomes a sign in itself.


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