Sterling Silver Pen Cap
Sterling Silver Pen Cap
Sterling Silver Pen Cap
Sterling Silver Pen Cap
Guillaume Bleret

Sterling Silver Pen Cap

Edition with Curb Chain 75 cm
Ag 925, 5.6 x 1.3 x 1 cm, 10.5 g & 12.8 g
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THE Object

Infinitely elegant, this first Maison Commun item designed by Guillaume Bleret is both modestly sensual and provocative. As an everyday object put into misuse, who could think of a better situation for this cap, sliding on its chain and dancing to the rhythm of its owner's movements. Its shape captivates us and its mirror-like polish reveals another reality, that of a world reflected.


Guillaume Bleret is an 'enfant terrible' in the sense that Jean Cocteau conceived it: a child capable of transforming any place into a setting for freedom. Through the Gay Haze project, these "house parties" (as he calls them) create the space that people have been craving for. Not only constituting a genuine political act with a disruptive appearance, these events are also a utopian gathering and an essential alternative to social norms. They offer a way of seeing the world that is dear to Guillaume: without pretence and far from the rigidity of reality.


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